Thomas Klockseth » Portrait Photographer, Manly, Northern Beaches, Sydney

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Simple! Only pay for what you want



Step 1 | Photoshoot $90.

This is on location in Sydney and lasts around an hour, give or take.


Step 2 | Choose your photos!

Pictures $40 each. Black & white copies $10 each.
The pictures are uploaded to a website where you get to choose only the photos you like. All from the comfort of your own home.


Step 3 | Delivery.

All the photo’s you have chosen have now been professionally edited and are delivered to you in high resolution from our server ready for you to download at the click of a button.



Additional information:

All the original RAW images are stored on servers in two different locations. This means that the originals will always exist and that you can come back whenever you want and order more photos.


Black & White:

Black and white copies are beautiful. You can choose to have some photos delivered in black and white at no additional cost. Or you can choose to have black and white copies of the color images for only $10 per picture.